has never been so easy !

From birthdays with your buddies to holidays with friends or family reunions. Take your mind off it and make your life with us easier.


What Planned does

Discover the 3 basic functionalities that will allow you to create, manage and track all your personal events on a daily basis.

Smart Calendar

When you create a group project, Planned is in charge of finding a date that suits everyone.

Automatic relaunches

Don't wait days for an answer from your friends! Planned takes care of it all by itself to relaunch them in your place.

Saving time

Your time is precious and thanks to our system your only concern is your event and nothing else.

Why Planned?

Because it's simple, fun and there's everything you need to organize without wasting time!

Planned was born to make our lives easier! We wanted to make the organization and planning of event(s) between friends or family, simpler, more fun and more accessible.

    Never run after your friends' confirmation again!

    You organized an event, but now you're chasing confirmations from one another? Don't waste your time on this kind of thing anymore. Thanks to our automatic follow-up system, Planned asks for an answer for you, so you only have to focus on your event and nothing else.

      Your agenda back at your service and not the other way around.

      Our smart calendar allows you to easily manage all your events. Enter only your unavailabilities so that you will not be invited when you are not available.

      • Automatic management of your availabilities
      • View of your project participants in real time
      • Sharing the administration of an event

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